The German car makers have consistently fabricated the absolute best vehicles available. While some of them cost a weighty aggregate to buy, they more consistently than not endured quite a while – given legitimate consideration. The two German carmakers who have been doing combating it out for quite a while are BMWand Mercedes-Benz. The two organizations have alternate points of view and approaches to planning and building their vehicles, in any case these vehicles seek a similar crown. The organization from Munich has adopted the sportier strategy to making vehicles, putting extravagance second. The monster from Stuttgart does this the opposite way around, focusing on solace and extravagance, and adding the energy a while later. Because of these varying methods of reasoning, BMWs have forever been tauter and more sure around a track, while Mercedes-Benzes took the high ground when it came to town driving and being chauffeured around. That being said, the two automakers’ games vehicles can transform into outright hoodlums when the foothold control is switched off, with M-vehicles and AMGs power-sliding around corners in a tuft of smoke and demolished tires. This makes them fun and pleasant to drive. With that, the following are 10 of the coolest BMW and Mercedes-Benz roadsters of the most recent 20 years.