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All Gas No Brakes Hoodie White

All Gas No Brakes Hoodie White


All Gas No Brake Hoodie By Bruce Miller
Color: White



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What #AllGasNoBrakes means to me!

Obstacles, Difficulties, and Challenges face us all and for the most part, these things slow us down. However, pressing past those hurdles and issues to focus on the positive is what #AllGasNoBrakes is all about. It’s the simple logic of neither letting go nor slowing down the pipeline.

When you have prayed for something and a door opens you bust thru that door and claim what is yours. As a difference-maker, we seldom say ‘No,’ and always have solutions and press the gas on situations where most tend to press the brakes.

To be a great leader you must possess a #AllGasNoBrakes mindset. People can’t follow a parked car, but a vehicle that’s blazing a trail or path for you to travel thru is much easier to follow.

Being someone who faces the uncertainties daily with Cancer that has no cure doesn’t lead to weakness. In fact, it sketches the portrait of these obstacles that I am facing head-on every single day.


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